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    These days we are living in a global village, we are surrounded by social media. People nowadays connect less personally but are in constant touch on social media, they will talk, chat, send pictures, see what their friends, family and acquaintances are doing and comment on them. Social media also has other major benefits apart from just social connecting, it is being used as a basis to introduce and expand new business, online buying and selling and also to promote new applications and websites.
    The topic what I?m telling about today is what was discussed by Trish van Tussenbroek, a social media expert, that how to use Facebook to promote mobile applications in her interview on YouTube. . . Of all the social media nowadays Facebook has gained immense success all over the glove. As stated by the interviewer in the video that nine billion people in the world are using Facebook. This includes all genders, age groups, religions and various sects of the world.

    Facebook is a place where a consumer spends all their time, and a person is spending time on Facebook because that person has a lot of time to spare. According to her Facebook is much better that watching the television, because in Facebook you are working, watching videos and interacting with others so it has more benefits. Facebook is the best place to advertise your mobile applications, because it where you can meet and attract all your consumers and clients. The basis of it is to attract more customers to your page and then to your website and increase downloads. You can do this by giving advertisements on Facebook. She started with basics, at first the advertisements were place on the right corner of your Facebook account which attracted lesser people, now Facebook gives advertisements directly on your timeline which has a more impact. She said that just think that you have five seconds to attract your customer, so for this make your advertisement very appealing, bright and attractive so that the customer instantly clicks on it. Also to check what appeals to your customer you should run a couple of different advertisements and experiment and see which gets more number of downloads and check the reason behind it.

    The interviewer asked Thresh the three most important steps in promoting an application on face book. She said that she believes and prefers to stay on the basics and work and improve them.

    Step 1: What Do You Want?

    The first thing you need to see is where your customers are coming from, what are your target audience. You have to track and analyze from where and which state or region you are getting customers from, because customers are your money and more customers lead to more downloads. Which people are attracted by your website, target them and work for them.

    Step 2: Attract Them:

    Now once you have a target audience, your second step is to cater for the. Make your website and application more appealing to them. Work on the applications graphic design. You have to impress and attract even high clients because they will buy from you in the future. Even amateurs these days look how attractive the advertisement is, whether it attracts or not and then download.

    Step 3: Improvise:

    There is always room for improvement. Last step after selecting to your target audience and catering to them is to make things better for them. Measure and analyze each and every basic point and see what your each and every customer requires.
    Lastly even after these steps never stop working on your website or application, because a customer gets tired easily and social media is very powerful, other applications may attract the attention of your customers, so innovate and measure the results on a daily basis and attract more and more potential clients.