Using Employer ID instead of SS# on w9 forms for textbroker, demandstudios, etc?


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Nov 2, 2009
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Basically I have a strong desire to have multiple accounts on some of the pay for content sites, like textbroker, demand studios, and some others. I figure the only way to do this is to enter an employer id number instead of a social security number, just wondering if anyone else hase done this and if it attracts attention. I would be setting up a different address and business for each account.
Ok.. where I'm from you can't get an employer id number unless you have a business tax id number. If you got a business tax id number you can only have one physical address for it. So... I have no idea how your system would work. Would be interesting to find out though.
That's my understanding as well. If you can come up with a way to make it work, it would be huge. Post up with the results if you would.
Ok good.. thought I was losing it. LOL If you have 'mock' employees, you're going to have to send them 1099 at the end of each year. They of course will all need SSN # for you to do that. So.. I'm not sure that the plan is something that can be realistically done. I agree with Redtide... if you do figure this out, please let us in on it. It would be great!
Well, yeah I think I have it all worked out, it involves using a mail forwarding address box (or registering a mailbox, like at the UPS store), then you just need to set up a corporation or LLC and from there I think you can apply for a EIN number, this all would probably cost a bit, so its not something to just do unless you have a good reason, I think it could be done for less than $100 though, and I might use one business for many things, such as ad adsense acct, multiple different writing sites, affiliate programs, etc so in the long run each "business" should be worth it.

The only one issue is whether to use your own name (when registering the accounts on writing sites, affiliates, etc) or to use someone else's name, I wouldn't want to use a fake name so the options I think are to hire someone locally as an "employee" and just basically explain that you will pay them a little bit to do nothing and put their names on some pieces of paper, or, I am even thinking of just using an outsource employee's name since, technically they are working for your company in some regard, this is kind of sketchy though..

Well, I have already begun the process, I'm thinking about making an ebook once I get through with this, it may be like $15 but I'll send it to you guys here free who have helped me get started with AC, etc, basically I want to wait to test my methods before just writing out my ass, but I think I can make it work, also you can register multiple bank accts at (free to make them) and paypal apparently doesn't see the name on the acct when you register it with them, or when they transfer money to it, so they can't link your accts based on this.
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It sounds like our plan is working out pretty good. Keep us posted please on how well it goes. :)
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