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    Hey guys,

    I'm wanting to get a link wheel setup pointing to my niche porn tube site. I just wanted to check that what I'm going to do is correct.

    So in terms of content of the blogs, they should feature a subset of my niche. So say if my niche was ebony gfs, I'd have one blog devoted to ebony gfs with big tits, one devoted to ebony gfs with big asses, etc - and then embed videos from my site and link back to it.

    There's loads of free sites that allow adult blogs, of varying page rank, so I'll make a blog on each. My question concerns the link wheel itself as I keep reading that Google is pretty switched on to link wheels, even open link wheels now. Would a better strategy be to randomize the links within the wheel? I.e. not all of the blogs point back to my main site?

    Also, should all the blogs be interlinked as well? I.e. blog A points to my main site, but points to blog B, C and D as well. Or should blog A just point to my main site and blog B?

    Thanks for any help!
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