Using ad extensions in Google AdWords

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    Using ad extensions in Google AdWords

    Ad extensions are great ways to get more exposure for your business in SERP's using AdWords, provide a better user experience for searchers and also give you a leg up in mobile advertising. I thought the folks here would find these tips on ad extensions useful while running an ad campaign.

    Setting up Ad Extensions

    There are a couple of different ways that you can set up add extensions in AdWords. You can either link from an existing places page or you can setup a new listing. To link from an existing places page, just log into your AdWords account, click the campaigns tab, select location extensions. In the Google places email field, enter the email associated with your Google place page. Your information will automatically be drawn into your AdWords account.

    To set up a new location extension that is not linked to a Google Place page, click on the settings tab for the campaign that you want to add an extension to, then check the locations check box next to ad extensions.


    When you set up your Location extensions, it is important to keep things simple. Include only the most necessary information. Remember that most people searching for a local business or that are finding your business in mobile search are looking for name, address and phone information. This should be the only information you include in your extension.

    Include a catchy business image. Your logo is good however if you specialize in a product or service, it can be much more powerful to have an image of that in your ad extension. This is basically an opportunity to show what you are selling to consumers before they click through to your site. Other than that make sure that your image is clickable and/or consistent with your brand. Also, make sure the image is consistent with the landing page that is attached to the ad. If someone clicks on an ad because of the image and they don't see anything related to it on your landing page, it confuses them and they are more likely to bounce.

    When to use location extensions

    Local Campaigns: If you are targeting a local region or city, location extensions can be very powerful. When people search for local businesses, they are often doing it on mobile devices or looking for location or phone information. It is still important to have a good landing page however if you can give them the info they are looking for before they even click, you can draw in customers without even paying for them.

    Trackable phone numbers: Location extensions are great to use with trackable phone numbers. Companies like Traction provide 800 numbers that mask your local business number and allow you to capture the location, phone number and other information of the people that call you. You can also record the phone calls. Combining that feature with the power of ad extensions and you can create a highly trackable conversion funnel that takes place over the phone. It's a great way to find out if what you are spending on AdWords is really paying you back in the form of new business.

    Mobile Only campaigns: This is another scenario where location extensions are a good fit. Mobile internet and device usage has now outpaced that of traditional computer internet use. People are looking for a more streamlined experience on mobile devices, especially when they are looking for info about businesses. Since you can target mobile devices either with traditional devices or exclusively with AdWords, location extensions provide that extra boost for a business to better serve their customers in advertising.

    Targeting Multiple Locations

    You can target multiple locations with your ad extensions. This is good for companies that have more than one store or perhaps want to send sales calls to different offices depending on a searcher's geographic location. You can have up to four locations in ad extensions in AdWords.

    Using Match Types in Combination with Ad Extensions.

    You can use keyword match types in combination with ad extensions. The great part about this strategy is you can send highly targeted local or mobile traffic to your ad and then serve them a very informative ad. For instance if you use phrase match with keyword + city name, you can send only searchers looking for that keyword in your location to your ad. Not only can you increase conversions using this method but you can also maximize your budget by only paying for clicks that might actually convert on your website or just by seeing your ad.

    Here are some additional resources:

    Have you ever used location extensions? Have you found them useful?
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    Good one mate!
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    As with anything you're running, it's important to keep an eye out on the performance of extensions. Some campaigns perform great with them, some just waste your money.
    Another aspect of it, is "branding". Extensions may not always bring conversions, but they add instant "bulk" and visibility to your ad.
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    What if more and more people are installing adbloc extensions? Damn, I hate that extension.
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    I'm using it for a couple of clients. For some niches I find the extensions pretty helpful.
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    Great thanks!