User Generated Content (UGC)

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    We all know great sites like jalopnik, lifehacker, gizmodo. They all work like blogs. But the sites are solely dependent on user generated content and the sites are now really big! Its the gwaker network which owns and runs a network of site sites.

    User generated content sites are not new.. but I have seen great success in sites which use UGC. So why not build something like that?

    When they can, WE CAN!

    This leads to a couple of questions:

    #1. How to get people to post on the site? (Authors have to be specifically niche targeted).
    #2. How different it is to promote such site?
    #3. What platform to use to build such site? (Wordpress sounds like a great option, but it doesnt rank posts based on user votes.)
    #4. Should we provide monetary support to the writers?

    Please post your opinions/questions/answers below.. I will edit this post and insert them here.

    Hope it helps all.

    Thanks and Regards