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Usefull Facebook Profile structure/environment

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by swapfile, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. swapfile

    swapfile Newbie

    Mar 2, 2016
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    Hey Guys,

    need some help for building a usefull Facebook Profile environment. So lets say i want to build several Pages with content which is not my content. And then i want to promote that content via Ads to get Traffic to my website. I'm not sure how many and what kind of accounts i need for that. What do you think about the following structure:

    1) Is it for example usefull to have a company with real person which is only the owner of an ad account and just responsible to manage the ads.

    2) Other Accounts are just the Admins of the pages. These account do not post content or booking Ads or anything else. They just own the pages.

    3) And i have Accounts which are just responsible to post the content to the pages. So they have just publisher rights.

    There will be copyright infiringements of course and the main target is to protect the Ad Account. My experience right now is, that Facebook first of all punish the "Publisher", then in the second or third step the Page. Both is not important in my case. The Page and the Publisher has no value. Only the Ad Account. Because getting an Ad Account running and spend more than 1k a day is not easy to rebuild quickly.

    And another question regarding this topic is how would you handle the access to Facebook. I'm using the graph for publishing, booking ads & managing the whole proccess. is it usefull to use proxys with static ip for that? or better use mobile connection with everytime new local ip? Would you spend every Account a complete own machine or just the Ad Account and the Pageadmins & the "Publishers" just virtual Machines with bought static ips. Questions over Questions... Anybody has experience with building such an environment and wants to share some information with me?

    Best Pete.