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Useful tips for the newbie ! Rise and shine.

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by Gosite, Apr 12, 2016.

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    Hi guys,
    Hope you all doing great. After being around for quite some time on BHW, I started to understand the stages of progress most of us go through.

    The first step of course is being the newbie, wondering if making money online is a reality or just another lie no one should ever believe.
    But there is a more advanced level of newbies, it's where you start asking more logical question rather than "How can I make money online",
    You ask targeted question where you try to move your wheels to the right lane like "How do I bring traffic to my blog" or "What are the best
    monetization techniques out there", ?What are the best CPA network for ?Z? niche?. Then with some persistence, you make few bucks.

    What used to be the world of uncertainties is now starting to reveal itself. Things are still tricky though, more questions will start to rise in your head, which means you?re on the right track.

    You're now looking for what it takes to push things to the limits and get the life you always wanted. This is where it makes all the difference, and this
    is where most of the newbies fall down and start moaning. As soon as the method they tried is no longer working, they don't try to figure out why things
    changed and what they can actually improve. They just blame their luck and move on.
    If you made few bucks that does not get you out of the newbiezone. You?ll still have a lot of questions hurting you in your head, instead of posting
    every stupid question, you actually google it and read if others asked the same question. You read everything that gets in front of your eyes and when
    you reach a critical point where google is no longer useful, you start a thread with details about your issue/method and try to get others to discuss it.
    If it?s not easy to find on google, then it?s worth discussing.

    After spending a lot of time reading and understanding, you figure out that what is not worthy nothing without action. So, you practice what you learned and see what actually work.

    Tip 1: The good thing about internet marketing is the scalability, if you can make $10 with few twists, there is a chance you?ll be making $1k.
    Tip 2: Don?t be fooled by the number, things are never easy as they seem. When someone tell you they make six figure a month doing SEO,
    you should know that there is a lot in the background that they may never reveal and they are probably trying to selling you their Webinar, course or service.
    Except some golden nuggets, an BHW is the place to find them.
    Tip 3: Don?t be afraid to spend some money on tools and resources, just be wise and ask for advice before blowing your money in the air.
    Tip 4: Learn, implement, evaluate. That is the magic formula. If one of them is missing, you?ll not be getting anywhere.
    Tip 5: Stay humble, when you reach a level where you have a steady income and a lot of stuff going on, never think you?re having all in your hand.
    You?ll always be a newbie, it?s only a matter of time before the smart algorithms throw your wisdom in the trash.

    Is there any tips you guys would like to add ?