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Discussion in 'Ebay' started by killer2021, Mar 16, 2011.

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    I know ebay has been ripping us off for quite some time now. 9% fees is just ridiculous! So here is a good way to get back at them. Recently they announced that they are removing insertion fees for small time sellers of less than 50 items listed.

    So what you do is go on ebay and create an auction or buy it now auction.

    When you list your item, make it look like an ad for your personal site. Which will help drive traffic to your site. Use graphics to put the url into it etc.

    I have a membership site and I use ebay to promote my product. I list the auction as buy it now for 13$ sale price for 1 year membership to my site. In the product description I make it look like a straight up advertisement for how great my product is, url included and all.

    Heres the funny part: if the user goes to my website to check it out, they'll notice my membership is only 10$. So they buy the product directly through my site instead of ebay! hahaha.
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    I'm pretty sure egay will ban you soon enough. Offering to make a sale outside of ebay system to avoid fees is as expected frowned upon by egay.

    Hopefully this is a throw away account. You never know when you'll need egay so it's not worth to get banned with your real account, same with gaypal.
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    I don't think ebay manually reviews the listings, I think they are only using some sort of automated system that scans for excessive outside links and bans you that way. So you you simply photoshop your url into a image so the potential client can manually enter your site into there browser. So you should be able to get by for quite a long time unless smeone rats you out.
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    You're allowed to link to your website to give "more information" in your 'me' page. Link to your 'me' page in every listing. It wouldn't be your fault if your customer goes to your website for 'more information' and sees better offers in your sidebar links etc...
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