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    I'm new here and i guess I'm going all in like Texas hold em.

    This is how i make money from home.

    Google ads
    Creating tutorials
    Selling proxy's
    Setting up proxy servers
    Craigslist postings

    I use associated content to market/advertise my campaigns using very good tags. I constantly check the most commonly searched words and include them in my publishing's. I put links to all my google sites with ads on them. It's kinda like I'm reviewing my own content but they don't know that!!! (I don't submit my article for up front payment, I choose to get paid by performance, creative writing, your content should not be directly selling).

    Another way to make money on associated content is the great article re-writes with dragon naturally speaking or a good article scrambler software. You choose your method.

    I make money from associated content on a per page visit and I also make money from my google ads. 2 for the price of 1!!!:cool: Sounds easy but it's not. Your gonna need like a couple hundred google sites with the same content just different names.

    for example: a debt relief ad campaign


    Take the time to learn how google ads work to make sure the ads match your content or you will make no money from public ads. If this is done more people are likely to click on your ads.

    Another way I make money is posting tutorials. What works for me is my hobby of music production, mixing and mastering. These tutorials are constantly being viewed and it is just like the payment method from above, you get paid per page visit. Video helps out big here because some people would rather watch than read. Adobe captivate will work for screen recording. Sounds easy but its not, you need to create, edit and then post your material to the source of your choice. If you can learn how to embed flash script on google sites then you can put each tutorial video on separate pages with tons of ads. If you make certain hot spots on the page and the visitor clicks on that spot by mistake :eek: (cause it don't look like an ad but its a clear link to one of my ads) and i get paid :D. of course he's gonna come back he needs to watch the video!!!

    Back in the days (not long ago maybe 2-3 months ago) Craigslist posting used to be a cash cow with the google sites and google ads, it ain't the same as it used to be. I still post on craigslist but not as much. I'm tired of giving that a**hole Craig control over my marketing. I get away with as much as I can and I'm happy with what i get. This is easy for me because I get the ips real cheap. I follow the rules as not to get banned. 1 posting every 48 hours per pva ip. also I don't only rely on craigslist. If you do then your in trouble, when ever d***head Craig feels like pulling the plug on the pva system your out of commission :eek:. Just look on here to see how many people just gave up.

    The final method of my income is through the rental of proxy's. No I don't advertise on here. We service the citizens of countries who wanna simply visit This is a good way to make money if you have the right people on your team. I have a buddy who has ton of family in a particular country and using word of month alone its going real good.

    I also sell tutorials on how to build your very own proxy server, if you cant do the set up we will even do it for you for a fee. That"s called a hosting consultation.

    See every skill I have I put to work not counting on just one.

    I make $3,500 a month on average from associated content, google ads, proxy rentals and hosting consultations.

    I have been in this game for a while. It ain't easy but once established your on your way. Once the articles get written they are there for good. Don't get discouraged. Don't look for an easy way to make money. Don't get pissed at lil boy Craig who used to beg for postings on his site, just beat him at his own game:banghead:. If you put in the time and hard work to build your home business then you will make it. Don't look for profits right away, it took me a month to start getting a decent amount of ad clicks and then another 2 months to get a check from google. Once the google checks start coming in they continue. (that is if you market in different places not just craigslist)

    this is what works for me!!!

    Your gonna have to create a google account to get into google sites and google ads. Also each google account only allows 5 free google sites, your gonna need tons of google accounts or your goona have to purchase google apps.:D

    I felt compelled to share this with the people that are struggling to make money from home.

    happy hunting to all :cool:
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    Your tactics are a perfect example of using some tried and true out of the box thinking (and hard work) to make things happen. Great stuff!

    It goes to show there's definitely more ways than one to skin a cat. (figure of speech, don't send PETA after me people) ;)
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