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    first let me say i am not sure if i am posting in the right section, as what i am gonna talk about is related to social media and link building as well.
    we all know that game has changed since 2008 and been changing ever sense.
    so i have a funny story to tell, i was helping a guy set a new website, i wrote for him some articles and set up template, plugins... etc
    i did for him twitter page and set up a pic and tweeted 2 tweets about what website about, and i thought he will handle the rest "as he said"
    so i left him for 30 min
    i found him he already blasted his link with 200 facebook shares, 200 tweets shares and that account on twitter he mass follow people.
    so i kindly returned 50% of the money given to me, and kept 50% for the articles and templates and other things.
    and i set down writing this topic.
    i know this is not new thing i am going to say, and you guys are too smart for this lesson, and i don't need any thanks...

    step1: as this guy said: "what is wrong with getting ma link out there, the more , the better"
    ok my advice : don't ever ever do that

    let say. you have a new website,and you wrote 5 articles today
    so what you gonna do is go to addmefast add site, twitter shares (example) and put number 5 or 10, and put cpc 1 or 2.
    (the low cpc will make sure some people will ignore it and skip it, but you will get your 5 or 10 shares in the end of the day with difference of 20 minutes or more between shares")
    why is that important: first your site is still new so when passing through google algorithm later on. he will find out that you have 1k shares in first day and your so busted for that.
    even more so: let take for example niche"love story" and the article is about sad love story
    today you will make 10 twitter shares with link and phrase saying"sad love story"
    tomorrow you need to change the phrase to whatever Like "tragedy love story or some BS"
    google synoym of sad, and try to find new phrases for the articles.

    so lets do some math. 5 articles first day x10 shares each day , that is 1500 shares in a month, isn't that enough? believe me it will look more natural and more appealing for link building

    2nd step: (non related to add me fast)

    let say you start a twitter page today, don't mass follow, in matter of fact don't follow anybody today. just tweet 9+ tweets on your work and set up
    tomorrow follow 2 big pages and try to comment on that 2 page 2 times each

    all i want to say is play it smart, don't just rush, the faster you rush the faster you will go down in flames

    anyway i know it is not topic of month and i don't need a single thanks
    i just wanted to make sure that how it is important social media is in the new google algorithm and how it easy to fail badly with it