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    Ok now i have about two domains but i started with subdomains just like a noob. here is on how to get a domain. Its free for life unlike which is only free for 1 year

    This tutorial is going to show you how to get a Us.To Or domain for Free and set the up with your host.

    They both are free sub domains provided by the users of FreeDNS.Afraid.Org

    1.First you need to sign up with

    2. When you get your user name and password. Login to your account at This will get you into your account.

    3. Then choose "Registry" at the left side panel. Choose the "" or "".

    4. Then you will be taken to "Add a New Subdomain" page.

    5. There you have to choose
    Tpye : NS
    Subdomain: name you want (it will be or
    Domain : The Domain you chose ( or
    Destination: the name servers of your host (eg.
    Rest isn't necessary

    6. After that the next step is to start from Step 3 to 5. But this time you will use the next Name server of the host with the same domain name. If you chose the first time, Now you will have to choose


    7. Then you are done. Wait for nameservers to work and then you are ready to work on your site with your host.

    8. Then you can chek you subdomains from "Subdomain" link at the left sidebar.

    This is about how you get the or domains. If you need it hosted you can join for free web hosting. This is from my own site so don't say i copy pasted.
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    thx ..:)