US$5 a day in an hour with AFF

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    there were tons of posts on making money with adult affiliate links, namely by using dating / social sites like badoo, POF, tagged. i've tried them, wasn't that bad. but, too much work for little reward and high risk of being banned if they find out you were spamming

    plenty of guys already use craigslist, sure

    what i've tried is a little different. given i'm in latin america, i've used mundoanuncio, the latin america's biggest free classifieds network

    a really good thing about mundoanuncio is that they are highly ranked for most of the adult / dating-related keywords

    second great thing is that they allow in-line linking. so you can make ''see more of my photos here'' point out at your affiliate link. what i found to convert a million better than throwing the link, even if disguised

    step #1 - research your keywords

    step #2 - write advert copy and get a photo of a hot girl, but not studio quality model shoot

    step #3 - post it around. different countries, different categories

    three days on, the thing is pretty much on auto pilot and just needs an extra post or two daily. mundoanuncio can automatically repost your adverts weekly for a month

    i'm looking for more ideas how to make cash on AFF. if it helps, i got a list of 2 000 emails, good quality leads, well warmed up