URL Shortener Redirect Based On Visitor Country?

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    I'm looking for something which will basically do this:

    1) Visitor clicks a shortened URL, hosted on your domain but listed on Twitter (such as mydomain.com/abs)

    2) It looks to your website and determines which country the visitor is in

    3) Dependant on the links you have entered, redirects that visitor to it.

    So an example:

    - I advertise a product on Amazon.
    - If the Twitter user is from USA they'll click the link and be redirected to amazon.com/usa-product
    - If they happen to be from the UK they'll be redirected to amazon.co.uk/uk-product

    I know there's an Amazon Link Localiser, but I'm talking about predefined links, as opposed to simply using the ASBN on Amazon.

    Do you know of anything that would do this?

    In programming it would like
    IF user country = uk THEN redirect to URL1
    IF user country = USA THEN redirect to URL 2
    Else redirect to URL 3

    So you could have an Amazon Product and tweet about it, without worrying about including 2 links for UK and USA twitter users.