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    Hi guys,

    I have a particular problem and I thought someone here could help. I have a method which is looking promising and I want to expand on it asap. Some of these problems may seem like a simple solution but as I research them, I find myself with more questions rather than getting anywhere.

    At the moment I'm offering a digital download on eBay, I'm also offering this same download for free on a blogger blog. I have the digital download which I provide to the eBay buyer via email after purchase. At the moment I tell them it's a 'temporary' download and link them to the download on my website hosted on hostgator. (this website is not in use at the moment, it is seperate to the blogger blog).

    I want to move away from my blogger blog (for obvious reasons) and transfer the contents to my hostgator domain website. This is the only domain I own. The problem is that if people pay for the download on eBay, then see the same download offered for free on the same website, they'll be pissed.

    Would I be best off cloaking the URL or purchasing a new domain purely to provide the download link for the eBay buyers? My issue with URL cloaking is using a free service like bit.ly URL looks unprofessional. From what I've read, there are some tricks that can be used with apache for URL cloaking but I dont even know if it's compatible with hostgator. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to do this?