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    Hey guys,

    I am using eclipse link cloaker. It automatically cloaks links with a custom or automatic slug. however, I think that is the reason why none of my sales from my website is registered with my affiliate programs. I tested that by ordering something from my own site and 0 sales or leads. Can anybody recommend a different plugin, preferbly with download link here, or give me other suggestions? I am losing a lot of money and that sucks.
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    Sounds like that plugin might actually be swiping your sales. I don't have any experience with that specific link cloaker. I prefer to create my own cloaked links. It's a bit time consuming if you have a lot of different affiliates your linking to but what I do is create a new php page for each different affiliate I'm going to use. If I'm sending a link directly to a checkout page, I'll name my file something like: norton-antivirus-checkout.php.

    In the file, all you need is this code:

    header ("Location: URL");

    Replace the URL with your affiliate link and you're good to go. Hopefully that helps you out.
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