Urgent: VOTES for online contest (no registration needed)

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    Mar 9, 2013
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    Hello guys,

    I need a vote for an online contest. The contest starts from TODAY and ENDS on SEPT 26th. So 4 days counting from today.

    PLEASE make your offer in PVT

    Here are the rules:
    - I need 20 Votes Daily, splitted in different day moments. Not to be suspicious. For a total of 100 votes.
    - The contest is hosted in a website, but votes goes through Facebook.
    - The FB Account MUST BE REAL!!! Or at least to look like real. (Because is public to see who voted for it). So pics, whatever.
    - IP Must be different each time of course cause there is a youtube video in there too.
    - DO NOT OVER DELIVER. If a day you provided 25 votes, the day after u can stay a little bit lower.
    - It is really fast voting system as you DON'T have to subscribe, just a FB login.

    Please make ur offer in PVT if you are IN and tell me the price.

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    Pm me the link. I can help. Thanks