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    This came though today made me laugh

    Dear Sir/Ma

    I want this letter to be secret and confidential and I want you to get back to me (whether interested or not) so I can know my next step.I plead for your emotional, financial and moral support to me and the remaining member of my family.

    As you have read in news media about my family, I want you to know that all you saw or read was not true.I am Saadi Gaddafi, the third son of Late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. I am very shocked and outraged by the vicious brutality which accompanied the murder of my father and brother. The contradictory statements issued by the National Transitional Council, the provisional authority of the Libyan Republic(NTC) excusing these barbaric executions and

    the grotesque abuse of the corpses. This however makes it clear that no person affiliated with the former regime or my family will receive a fair trial in Libya, nor will they receive justice for crimes committed against them.

    I am presently in London and I was given leave to remain on humanitarian grounds by the authorities.Before this ?WAR? started in February 2011, my father arranged with a security company in Spain to moved huge sum of money (FOR SECURITY REASONS I WILL NOT WANT TO MENTION THE AMOUNT) which we got from sale of oil and it was moved through a diplomatic means to a security firm.

    This money was kept in the security company as solid gold and it was deposited with another name which makes it very difficult for anybody to know that the trunk boxes belongs to my family. The security firm gave my father the deposit Tag number.

    Sir, I am soliciting for your assistance to receive this money and keep it till I finally gain my freedom.On the receipt of your acceptance of my proposal I will send you the necessary information to enable you contact the security firm

    REPLY IMMEDIATELY with the following

    (1) What percentage you intend to take based on your assistance.

    (2) Include your private telephone number and fax for to enhance the confidentiality of this Business.

    I will inform you the next line of action as soon as I received your positive response and I urged you to make sure that you keep this email message secret and confidential since all our family assets/accounts are being siezed and frozen.Be assured this will go smoothly

    once you adhere strictly to the rule of engagement

    Finally for security reasons I will not speak to you on phone for the time been.


    Saadi Gaddafi
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    Gaddafi, maybe is the related with Muammar Gaddafi :)
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    whats next? Saddam's son contacting people..!?