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    Hi there!
    I have an interesting question (especially for me).
    I am facing some kind of a disaster in serp.
    My site is freefalling from page 1 from about 3 months. Like day by day, position to position. No huge jump from Penguin4 or something like that i think.
    I think i found the problem: Multiple 301 redirects.

    1. - I have changed my money site's domain, did the 301 magic. No problem, everithing went fine, (used change of domain tool etc.)

    2. - Changed the site structure for more understandable, 301 everything again. Ok too.

    3. - 2 weeks later, moved everything to https, for secure blahblah... Another 301.

    I think then happened the crack. Everithing was OK for about a couple of days/weeks. GoogleBot came crawled my site with new https. Cool, no moves in serp. I was relieved...

    Few weeks later... continuously falling in serp, for no reason.
    I think that google is crawling my backlinks continuously and found too many (3pc) redirects to the destination page, and simply ingnores it, like deleted backlink or something like that.

    The question is: What should I do now? Should I change the the backlink for the new destination? All of them? How fast?
    I can manage nearly all my built backlinks, change everithing that i want, so thats no problem. (Speaking of about 150 domains)
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