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>>UPDATED: How To Do Keyword Research<<

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Kalyken, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Kalyken


    Jun 27, 2011
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    The truth is it isn't... The truth to making big money in affiliate marketing, or even promoting your own products

    Don't focus on one site until you are blue in the face and ready to jump off a bridge head first. you should go through things fast... get things done... what works & what doesnt. So with keywords you can't be spending 4 hours or 4 days looking for that magic holy grail of a keyword... 10-30 minutes per niche... that is all the time you should be spending on keyword research...

    I know... spend so much time on forums and read too many ebooks... that make it sound like keyword research is something that takes a lot time, a lot tools, a lot work to be successful... LIES! I don't care what so called Guru told you that... or what so called Guru is some king of testing... If people are telling you this crap... they are slowing you down, and wasting your time. There are few things you do... especially after that last May Day update of Google's that made it even easier to rank now... yeah you heard me... even easier to rank now.

    1) Figure out a common phrase someone might use to start searching for what you are trying to promote...
    2) Type that into Google's Keyword Tool
    3) Set the options for whatever country you want and whatever language and put a checkmark where it says to ?only show ideas containing my search

    4) Run the search... look for phrase 3 words long and longer... preferably 4.. 4 always seems to be a magic number for us.
    5) Run some it through Google using inanchor and also as a normal search and compare the results.
    6) Take a quick view of the 1st page results for your keyword in bold in that
    exact order.

    So to but it briefly...

    1) Go to the Google Keyword Tool right now...
    2) Type in the search phrase your thinking about that people might type in to look for the offer you want to promote.
    3) Click the ?only show ideas containing my search terms? checkbox
    4) Click advanced options
    5) Pick the country/language you are wanting to target
    6) Click search
    7) Look over to the left and take the check out of broad and put a check in exact
    8) Click the ?Local Monthly Searches? text... This will sort the column... you want it to go from highest search volume to loyoust...
    Look for some 4+ word phrases... You can do 3 word ones but 4 words or better seems to give Google more to go on and rank easier... (thus the term longtail keywords)

    Now grab some of those keyword from like 1k-6k ish.... (sometimes I will even go way loyour down to like 300 but that depends on what I am doing... if I am doing a lead gen for leads you sell then I can go much loyour because about 1 in 14-25 people will fill out the form for actual leads when it comes to financial, legal, etc...) But if you are selling a straight up product and not just trying to capture information in a opt-in form... look for like 800+ for the search volume...

    9) Go to Google and type your phrase in Google and click search (unless you have Google instant on... then you won't need to)
    10) now open another window or tab and go to Google and type your phrase in using the inanchor operator: (Example: inanchor:?My Phrase?)
    11) Now compare the inanchor results with the normal results
    12) The domains that appear on both pages are targeting your keyword phrase with backlinks that have anchor text containing that exact phrase.
    13) Now look at the results where you just typed the search phrase in normal and see how many sites you see listed that have your exact phrase in bold...

    This means if you youre targeting:

    Make Money Online From Home

    Take a quick scan of the page and see how many listing have that exact phrase in bold... Not ?Make More Money From Home Online?
    you want it to say exactly... youll you don't want it to say it but you want to see how many have exactly that phrase: ?Make Money Online From Home? The less that have it the happier you are hehe...Anyway... If you type the phrase in normally just like:

    Make Money Online From Home

    And you type it in using inanchor:

    inanchor:?Make Money Online From Home?

    And you only see a few sites that are targeting that phrase that is good...
    Now when look at the normal search results where you just typed the phrase in normally and you only see a couple sites using that phrase exactly... your doing good...

    Let's say this for an example: I have two browser windows open... When I type in the phrase normally in Google I see only the top two sites targeting my exact phrase...When I do the inanchor... I see those two sites and I see a few others... But those other sites aren't showing up on the normal search... I am taking that keyword... IF... I can buy the exact match domain name for it... So I want to find that exact match domain preferably without dashes in a com, org, or net <--- in that order...

    I prefer the com first...
    The org second...
    And the net third...

    Now if you can't find that exact phrase free... but you can find it with something like: blog, online, now or whatever small word at the end of it... you can use that as youll... But the exact phrase match will rank higher faster. If you have to buy it with a word after it (NOT BEFORE IT) it will take a bit more linking and time... The first wave of backlinks I do are going to have anchor text where possible that is the exact phrase... Next time around I will break it up a bit and use other relevant phrases... Now I added the inanchor option above because it is better when you are strapped for cash and want to make better educated decisions on which domains you pick...

    But often I will only scan the normal page and see how many are in bold...and that is it... But those will be a lot more hit and misses... But I don't want a lot time spent on research... I want 5 pieces of content, a disclaimer, privacy policy, contact us page...on the site now... If I am planning on just backlinking that site and trying to rank it... If I am building traffic funnels that push traffic to that site... I just want the site setup and pushing the product with a sales pitch or a story...

    They don't have an exact match domain name, they don't have content with that exact match keyword, etc... And the really worst case scenario (Which I doubt will happen in this instance)... I don't rank on the first page... oh youll... you win some you lose some... However you win a lot more when you aren't wasting time.So this whole method that you use takes you about 10-30minutes... Yes you could spend time tearing the competition apart, spending days evaluating... and talking yourself out of it... but what happens? You don't do anything then... and you don't get anywhere...

    This is why you get stuff up and producing fast... you don't waste time...
    you don't listen to anyone else... you test it ourselves...
    Now if you listen to me... and you do this and so it right and can make just 1 out of 10 sites produce income... your good to go... eventually you will get better and your percentage of success will get better... There are some things you just get a feel for that can't really be explained in words.
    Just get cranked up and ready to GO GO GO GO... as corny as the phrase is... It is still true... ?You need to....Take Action!?

    If all the domains are taken that I see for many of the keywords I am checking...

    Why aren't those guys ranking...

    Most are autoblogs with no unique content, or domain resellers, or people that
    don't have a clue, and don't backlink etc... The other question I will get is... what if it isn't targeting my exact phrase but it is an authority site?
    You don't even have any idea how many sites Jeremy and I have knocked off doing this method with our little PR0 5 page sites... no trick to this... it is just common sense... Something Google's algorithm can't grasp... because it is just an algorithm...not a human... it isn't some GOD out there that is all all knowing...Google is just software, it is mistake prone... it is just a tool. It is meant to perform a lot of tasks humans would otherwise have to perform...

    Just like any backlink building automation software you might buy. It is only as good as it can be at this moment... it doesn't have artificial intelligence... You can beat it... Quit over thinking things and make money! Also one other thing... commercial intent is right in front of you in Google's keyword tools... The competition bar by each keyword is the PPC competition... I don't need to run to Microsoft's ad center to see commercial intent... and in mostcases I just use common sense for it anyway.
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    Feb 26, 2011
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    May 2, 2009
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    very nice good info
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    Looks good in theory. Must be put into practice.
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  5. yesrams

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    Dec 16, 2009
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    Request. If you have time make a video for this. It is useful for many users.
  6. _Chip_

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    Jun 28, 2009
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    Depends on my vpn
    copied from here
    atleast give credits/source ..
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  7. Driz30

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    Sep 23, 2008
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    Chip you are 100% right, when I read this I knew right where it came from and it wasn't anything KalyKen just happened to come up with ... If you are going to rip someone's ideas atleast put your own twist on it ... Pretty sad actually
  8. KraftyKyle

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    Aug 13, 2008
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    Thanks for the share, but there are a ton of shares already on keyword research and they are great.

    UPDATE: Thanks to chip for revealing this. I want to say it again if someone missed it...


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    So, OP is a PDF Ripper, yeah :D
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    Feb 20, 2011
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    #1 to #9 on your fav SE
    Sniff Sniff

    Who cut the cheese? :D
  12. Syn123

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    Jul 4, 2011
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    OP i appreciate your post laying out what i need to do.

    This helped me greatly!
  13. Shabaoth

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    Nov 8, 2009
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    Good info, even if it IS ripped, should have given props to the originator.