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A very difficult problem / question

Example: I'm going through a conundrum right now.
These are scary. I would not like to use them in an article unless I am impressing a buyer to give me gigs based on my sophisticated writing.
I'd like to make a contribution.


being a small remaining part or amount
In medical terminology, often used to describe something, especially a part of the body, that has not developed completely, or has stopped being used and has almost disappeared, commonly used when talking about evolution

Use: 1. Later, colonial laws prohibited even speaking the Pequot language, now long dead but for a few vestigial words.
2. Kiwis lack an external tail, and their vestigial wings are entirely hidden beneath a curious plumage—shaggy, more like fur than feathers.

My good friend is a creationist. In college he was debating a biology student, saying how evolution didn't occur, hence all so-called 'vestigial' organs are a part of intelligent design. The biology guy then got all mad and said my friend had a vestigial brain.. ouch.. rude

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