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    I have been having issues getting my AMR articles indexed and I was going to start at test this week to find what it takes. You can read some more here


    Basically over the past couple of weeks I have been blasting my approved articles with sb lists and adding to Linklicious. But it isn't working, the index rate is rubbish.

    But today when checking the index of an article I submitted 4 weeks, I was surprised to see 1,200 articles had been indexed. Why? Looking over my notes, I didn't do anything to these links no SB lists or Linklicious.

    Possible Reason = Blasting

    I am thinking that me blasting the articles before google had time to find them was setting of alarm bells, which makes sense. Why would a new article start to receive 1000's of comments before it was indexed.

    But now they are indexed, I can start to blast them to get the juice.

    New Test to Check

    I am going to submit another article and this time I'm not going to blast, ping or use an indexing service. I am hoping that in 4 weeks most will be indexed again.