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    Okay. Here are my experienced with Up2VPS (http://www.up2vps.com).

    Summary (in short):
    - Customer support is 0%. All they care about is money. They'll do their best to find ways to 'steal' money from you and they're definitely not in the mood of paying it back/refunding it.
    - Once you have an issue or problem with the server they just ignore your e-mails and let you die in your own problems. They managed to ignore me for 4 months already now.
    - They seem to suspend your server for a random (still unknown) reason while you still pay their monthly fee (without being able to connect to the server at all).

    My full experience:

    Firstly, I hired a few of their Win40 plan (a Windows VPS server) ($8.95 a month). It was all running fine until my PayPal account got limited for investigation (for chargebacks/disputes etc).
    So the recurring payments to Up2VPS automatically stopped and my servers were suspended.

    I then had my brother make a new account on Up2VPS and hired a new Win40 plan with my brothers PayPal account. After 2 days of waiting they still didn't sent me any server details so I contacted them myself. Keep in mind that if I hadn't contacted them myself I'd probably just have thrown away the money. A company like this should contact me telling me what's wrong.
    But anyways, I contacted them and they replied saying they refused to let me buy the server since they said I have a $40 debt....

    Apparently PayPal put the money of my own/previous PayPal account on hold/marked them as unauthorized (for the last few transactions) (which they always do when they limit an account).
    So I replied the following:

    I paid back the $40 since I'm not a scammer:

    I got my server so everything looked fine. Since I liked it I even ordered 1 more Win40 VPS server. However, after a while I decided to cancel 1 server so I did so.
    However, up2VPS kept "secretely" taking money from my PayPal account (since it was a subscription) but I didn't notice (since I have a lot of in- and outgoing payments in my PayPal). I mean - usually when you cancel a server on their panel the payment should stop automatically as well? That should be done by them!? But apparently they didnt. So it kept taking $8.95 each month off my PayPal account. In the end I noticed it and they took a total of $35.80 from my PayPal account until I stopped the subscription manually in my PayPal account. I then had $35.80 balance in my up2VPS account (check the bottom of this picture):

    I was using the 1 server to run one of my programs on. Since I'm a programmer/coder as well I always test stuff on my own PC and it worked. So I transfer it to the VPS to test it there. Therefore I used Fiddler2 (a program to analyze the network/webrequests my software sends out).
    However, suddenly I noticed my server got suspended by Up2VPS.... Notice: No email or support from their side whatsoever. Just a random suspension!!
    So I contacted them (support ticket) asking what's going on:

    No idea what they replied back and I have no idea what "netscan" is (apparently they probably meant that I used Fiddler since the only thing I basically did on the server was testing my programs, nothing illegal in my opinion.

    So my reply:

    After 2 days, still no reply and the server was still suspended. I then received an e-mail from them saying the ticked got closed... I mean - WHAT THE FUCK?
    So I e-mailed back:
    They had me fill in a document with name, address etc where I had to explain what I did and why....

    Guess what? They unsuspended the server which let me connect to it via VNC. The problem: the server was not connected to the internet... I tried everything but apparently they just blocked me from the internet. Now tell me; what do you need a server for? Exactly, to do stuff on the web. Well, I couldn't.
    Now also guess what? They just ignore me and do not reply to my ticket where I ask them why I don't have internet. Just a big-ass ignore from their support group on problems they dont want to fix. They dont seem to care about customers.

    I decided to open another ticket with the same question. They then replied:
    Then the process of "ignoring customers" started again.
    Keep in mind that in the meanwhile I was still paying for the server (while I haven't been able to connect to it for 2 weeks and their support is just not answering me for 2 WEEKS!!!

    So after 2 weeks of waiting I was getting impatient and emailed again:
    So as you can see here, they don't care at all about their customers!!! I checked their Terms of Service and read it twice. I searched for terms like "Fiddler" (the program I used), "Netscan" (how they call 'what I did wrong'): No search results.

    So basically they just suspended my server for something that is actually not illegal. I abided by their rules apparently, they're suspending me for no reason, having me pay the monthly fee without having access to the server, AND ignoring some of my mails, not fixing the issue in a decent time period.

    Then suddenly they replied:

    Since I was busy coding my software and I haven't been able to use the server for 2+ weeks, I didn't care at that moment so I continued coding my software. I didn't try/connected to the server.
    After I was done coding (about 5 days after he said it was OK) I decided to test my software on the server. I tried to connect to the server but noticed there's still no internet on the server (same problem as before!!!)
    So either they have never fixed the issue at all (which is what I think), or they banned me again (while I haven't used the server at all in this period of 5 days). I literally HAVE NOT connected to it!!!

    So I emailed:

    Now guess what, no reply again for 2 days... Just their support ignoring me again. Keep in mind, I'm still paying the monthly fee and they're still taking double money from my paypal account without me noticing it!!
    So after 2 days of no reply:

    Now, 2 days later.. NO reply. I even sent the same email later that day, maybe they didn't receive it. No reply... 3 days later, no reply. Etc. Ticket got closed, no reply from their side.
    Their support seems to be ignoring me for real now.

    After not having heard from them in a few weeks I noticed that they kept deducting money from my PayPal and I had a $35.80 balance on Up2VPS where I didn't even ask for!! So I sent them this ticket:

    So apparently what they now did is just steal my $35, ignore my e-mails and suspend all my servers.... I then thought: Let's just buy a new server through the website and pay with the balance. I went through their website but the Win40 servers (the ones I need) were out of stock. So I emailed them:

    But you guessed it already... They just ignore me and don't reply (it's ~4 months later now).

    1 month later I emailed them again with the same question:
    1 month later -> still no reply.
    UP2VPS is very good at ignoring customers! Customers can die in hell apparently, they don't care at all. They're just looking for your money, and ways to steal it. No support at all!

    So a few days ago I checked their website and noticed that their Win40 servers are available again. Since I had the $35.80 balance on their website that they refuse to refund (at least, they just ignore the email) I decided to give it another shot and bought a 1 month subscription ($8.95). This $8.95 was automatically deducted from my Up2VPS website balance (which was $35.80) so it's $26.85 now).
    But after ~1 day of waiting I still didn't receive the server details... So I e-mailed them again:

    They FINALLY replied!!!! Here it is:

    My email back:

    No reply so far and it has been ~24 hours (while they usually reply within 1 hour (IF they reply)).
    So I'm guessing they're just starting the big-hard ignore process again. Well then @Up2VPS, here you go.

    This is just the first thread I'm making about this, but it'll definitely not be the last. I'm really considering to buy a domain-name like "up2vps-sucks.com", post this on that website and buy SEO services to it to rank it #1 in Google for keywords like 'up2vps', 'buy cheap vps', 'windows vps', 'up2vps review' etc.. But I'll give you (Up2VPS) a few more days to reply.

    So @Up2VPS, this is your last chance to handle this stuff in a decent and professional way, otherwise we all have to go pathetic.


    By the way; people who may think: "Oh, it's only $35, don't be pathetic".
    That's not what it is about for me. The point is that this is not acceptable; no matter if its $5 or $5,000, this kind of behavior and support is definitely to be disgusted and situations like this should never happen at companies like this. So I just want to point out that his is the way Up2VPS handles. So if you're planning on going with them, even though they might be cheap, I recommend you: DO NOT! You'll regret it eventually. It'll cost you a lot more time, money and irritation in the end.

    I emailed them a link to this topic, stating I'm about to spread this word even more. Here's their reply:


    As you can see, they not only don't care about their customers, they're refusing to refund me AND they don't care about their reputation...
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    They need education on customer support.
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    you do no the shit list is only for scams on bhw
    theres even a post from mods saying so