Up and Coming Niche - Low Traffic for Now

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    Hey BHW,

    Two Questions.

    1. I recently picked up a domain in a niche that has a lot of potential in the next year or two. Right now it is a low traffic and low competition niche. Out of about 5-6 keywords there is traffic anywhere from >100-5400 searches a month. I expect the niche to gain traction, but before the competition is here how should I rank it? It is an exact domain, I had to go for a .net to get it. Should I add more than 5 keywords to rank to get traffic in the mean time? Should I rank all my keywords and then keep adding more keywords slowly? Also is there anything I should watch out for when ranking similar keywords?

    2. I also have about a 3 year old domain. When I bought it I saw the niche trending, I didn't have the knowledge or resources to get an ecommerce store up. I went with aStore from amazon, my only issue is now the niche is extremely high comp and saturated. I feel like I'm going to have to throw some money at this one to get it ranked. Buy a ton of backlinks, youtube views to advertise, and what ever else. Is there really anyway to compete with ebay and etc... If I'm correct the best way would be to keep looking for keywords? I feel like they are all very high comp, maybe I should throw in the towel and sell the domain?

    If you need anymore info about the stats of the competition, just let me know and I can get them for you.