Unusual writing task - who could I pay to do this?

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    Can anyone do this, and how much would you charge?

    Write me 200 sentences on a niche, I'm using watches as an example. They must each have three parts that are not connected (because I'm going to spin them and it must make sense)...

    Example 1:
    It's important to compare watches before buying to save money; they can vary massively in terms of cost, shopping online is often the best place to find them.

    Example 2:
    Watches are one of the few bits of jewellery that men can wear - you'll often get judged on what you've got on your wrist so make sure you pick a nice one, do be careful though because they can be fragile.

    Each part of each sentence needs to be 5-10 word minimum (so each sentence is 3 x 5 = 15 words or more). Try not to mention the niche too often.

    I'll have you write each part of each sentence into a shared spreadsheet on Google Docs.