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    Hey guys,

    I have a boatload of a popular brand health products that i have for wholesale prices. I do all of the dropshipping you guys make the sales on eBay or other related auction/health sites.

    These are all separate kits that range from $49 to $249
    These products sell retail from ($79 to $489)
    The $249 Kit is the most popular and sells the most..

    For the $249 Kit you will receive $20 every single month.
    The lower priced products the commissions will range from 10-20%

    I have a ton of these products and they will be shipped next day once full payment is received.. You will be awarded commission right after.

    For Complete details on getting started and eBay/Auction site Ad Samples PM/Skype me...

    "Health Products eBay"
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