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    After my second reconsideration request I was able to clear my site and get back up and running. For those interested in what I did you can read below.

    After getting my penalty I spend one week trying to remove links and disavowing them. I spend time writing a nice long letter. Of course a week later I got denied.

    I got upset since my site is pretty much legit so I removed all my accounts, adwords, annalytics, webmaster but I kept adsense connected.

    A couple of weeks passed and I saw a post on blackhat saying they were able to get their site cleared so I decided, hell lets send another request. I didn't have anything to lose at this point. So I reactivated my webmaster tool account and sent them another request.

    I pretty much sent the same letter minus all the extra kiss ass bs and a week later I was able to clear myself from the penalty. Most if my keywords are back and traffic has increased so I am happy.

    My guess is that no one is manually looking at these requests and it's all automated. You just need time for all the links to either get disavowed or cleared from bigGs index.

    I also think that removing my site from analytics had an effect. I say this because the day before I got the penalty I connected analytics with my webmaster tool.

    Anyways I thought I would spend some time and post this so hopefully some of you might find this info useful.
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    Thanks for your kindly sharing your experience. Would you please send your reconsidiration email to google.

    Also did u try to get off spammy links..or u only disawow them.

    Also i couldnt get the idea. Did u use analytics after unban or what relation u think about this?