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    Not quite sure which section to post this little guide in so hopefully this will be fine (just move the thread if not!)

    I recently "fixed" a poll result using this little trick, I can confirm this method works with PollDaddy though I cannot speak for other polling sites (certainly not ones with Captcha enabled)

    You will need:

    - TOR web browser
    - Macro recorder (or similar macro recording software of your own)
    - 2-3 minutes setup time

    PollDaddy doesn't allow multiple votes from the same IP address so to over come this I used TOR;

    I simply started the Macro Recorder software, clicked to open TOR (give it 5 seconds to compensate for any potential network delay), Right click - paste and go, select your desired vote and vote, Close TOR and stop the recording.

    Now playback your macro recording to ensure that it all runs smoothly, if the software works too fast or the page loads slower (can vary) just re-record your macro and wait 5 seconds or so before each step to compensate.

    In the settings you can set your recording to playback as many times as you'd like, in my case I ran it 500 times overnight, woke up the following morning to find my result win by a mile.

    Using this method will render you unable to use your PC for the duration of the macro as it takes control of your mouse and clicks so its best ran using a Virtual Machine.

    Any questions or comments? :)
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    I tried this methods but maybe tor give same ip's after a while so this doesn't works. Is there any method to hack a poll on polldaddy ? pls help. thanks
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    Try Vapulsemedia voting if you have idea to invest some money to get votes than hacking the poll.