Unique TVS System work with Facebook and adsense

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    Mar 11, 2016
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    I programming unique TVS working with adsense. ok, how it works?
    If you have facebook pages, groups or other mambers who sent to your website and earn money with adsense? but you don't earn many money?
    i have script - Tvs.

    - Unlimited earn with adsense.
    - You can collect invisible page likes. (Hide script)
    - You can create invisible page iframes to get many adsense inpresions.
    Suppose 1 unique user and 3x 4x 5x 6x page wiews one refresh.
    - Chose what you want to the country users click adsense banner.
    - Admin panel, rss feed and many fuctions have website you can control anythink.
    You can safe working with adsense and get many money, this tvs help you do it!
    Who whant to buy or have some questions you can write me private message.
    TVS PRICE: 200 Eur include my setup to your sever, website design, ant one month maintenance.

    1. original website with adsense banner.

    2. hide screen work with adsense clicks.

    3. Iframes, get manny ads wiews.

    4. this box hide like panel. when you click x you automatically people like your own page :)

    And many, many fuctions have this website.