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    Most of us want to have unique content on our sites but typically don't have the time to make it on our own. I found a cool trick that you can use to get unique content.

    Many sites today have Facebook comments on them. These comments do not show up in search engines at all. There are many sites with hundreds of comments and thousands of words of text that are not in the search engines because they are using this comment system.

    You can take those comments and put them on your site with a simple script.


    The output will look like this:


    Before you use it on your site, check to see if the comments are in the search engines. If not, you have some free updating content that you can use.

    You are able to fetch comments from any url that is using Facebook comments and place them on whatever page(s) on your site that you desire.

    I know it won't be useful for everyone but I hope it helps someone out.