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    Guys I have wanted lots of IPs. 1000. I don't know. Free IPs if possible and I can pay for it.

    One good place to buy seems to be


    What about that uniqueinternetservice thingy

    [5:09:33 PM] Teguh says: Want me to create gmails for you?
    [5:10:14 PM] Sid says: that
    [5:10:16 PM] Sid says: is a scam
    [5:10:24 PM] Sid says: they charged my CC
    [5:10:26 PM] Teguh says: what do you mean?
    [5:10:29 PM] Teguh says: YOu bought from them?
    [5:10:29 PM] Sid says: wont give me an account
    [5:10:30 PM] Teguh says: Then what?
    [5:10:44 PM] Teguh says: I've heard good news about them from Mayoor
    [5:10:47 PM] Teguh says: You buy the cheap ones right?
    [5:10:52 PM] Sid says: yeh
    [5:11:14 PM] Teguh says: Forward me the correspondence
    [5:11:26 PM] Sid says: 1 sec
    [5:11:40 PM] Sid says: they wont respond to me
    [5:12:18 PM] Teguh says: They didn't respond to me either but they didn't charge my card
    [5:14:14 PM] Sid says: Description: CHECKCARD 0829 UNIQUE INTERNET SE 603-767-3465 IL 24224439242010005342552

    Posting Date: 08/31/2009

    Amount: $49.95

    Type: Check Card
    [5:14:18 PM] Sid says: they charged me >.>
    [5:15:25 PM] Teguh says: I thought you should automatically got the username
    [5:15:32 PM] Teguh says: what happen after you buy?
    [5:15:42 PM] Sid says: took me to a order could not be completed page
    [5:19:51 PM] Teguh says: Do they got phone or something>
    [5:19:57 PM] Teguh says: 603-767-3465
    [5:20:00 PM] Teguh says: I'll call them
    [5:20:04 PM] Sid says: kk
    [5:20:19 PM] Sid says: i registered it under the email *******@gmail.com
    [5:21:32 PM] Teguh says: The number you dial is not a working number
    [5:22:01 PM] Sid says: =/
    [5:22:09 PM] Teguh says: Mind if I post our conversation in BHW?
    [5:22:18 PM] Sid says: not at all

    Anyone has a working account with them?