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    Hi guys,

    I've 25 years and been working as software consultant for 6 years already. I'm a linux guy and i spend most of the time studying security and system administration.

    Unfortunately i'm unemployed without any help from the government. I consider my self a great software developer and i've a few work on github and a decent reputation on stackoverflow.

    As i don't want to move to another city (i live in a small village) or emigrate to another country i'm now trying to earn money online. I've already developed more than 100 wordpress sites, 5 custom platforms and one Hacklang/PHP framework but never earned an single euro from internet, only from development. Shame on me.

    I have one month to change that and i'm very excited as i have great capabilities with development and SEO, i just have to learn how to make money. I've already registered 10 domains for specific niches and developed the websites with WP. Scrapped content, created social pages and have content written by me (unique and good).

    Let's the journey begin.

    EDIT: my skills are:
    • Sysadmin: Unix like, Web hosting management, VOIP, data streamming and security audity
    • Programming: C#, PHP/Hacklang, TCL, Javascript (nodejs like apps) is where i feel at home, i do know others but never used them as those. I do understand about architecture patterns and i apply them both on server side and client side, as well code coverage, documentation and i'm a educated developer (always commeting commits, proper git/svn usage, etc).
    • Web: Popular CMS (WP, Drupal, ServiceStack, etc), HTML5 and Canvas and single page applications with AngularJS 1.x and 2. Also SASS and LESS for styles
    • Mobile: cross mobile applications with Ionic (only have one published at google but developed more)
    I don't consider my self an hacker, but i do know people who are recognized as such and know way less than me. By the time i'm able to reverse code in a decent time i'll update this sentence ;)
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    keep it up. Hard work always has its rewards. Good Luck