Ultra Secret Down and Dirty Blackhat Web Logs – Or Not

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by Simpatico, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Hello people,

    I wasn?t sure where to post this question, so I figured this was about the closest place I could find on the forums.

    My question:

    I used to have a couple of blackhat blogs bookmarked on my other computer but it?s gone now, so I?m wondering if anyone here knows (and is willing to post) any blackhat or exceptional non-bullshit SEO blogs.

    I?m not sure if I can receive any PM?s but if you?d rather PM the blogs, that?s fine too.

    Some might say ?google it? but I?m increasingly leery of using google when checking out anything related to blackhat SEO. I feel Google has amassed an epic array of internet properties that allow it to pool incredible amounts of data with virtually unlimited resources.

    Who knows, call me paranoid, but I?d prefer to not have my google-using identity associated with search terms that often deal with circumventing or manipulating their search engine and TOS etc.

    Anyways, I?d appreciate any feedback and will gladly give a hearty thanks to anyone who has info.