Ultimate Instagram Block-Followers Settings for MassPlanner

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by venik, Mar 30, 2017.

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    Hey guys!

    Well after 300K followers my accounts seems to have plateaued for Likes/Comments. The posts are not reaching Explore or Top Tags as often as they used to when the account was 100-300K followers.

    My guess is that there is lots of "garbage" followers now that dont engage with posts and hence Instagram Algo is not showing posts more.

    I will be tuning various Block-User settings for MassPlanner and updating this thread as I go along. This will be a lengthy process but hopefully it will yield results.

    ** Unfortunately doesnt seem like there is a automated way to block among existing followers.
    ** Will need to look for a different solution for that
    ** What I have below will block recent followers that are not good quality

    Current Settings:
    * Block: 60-120 per day
    * Block from latest: 200 followers
    * User has less than or equal to x posts: 10 (block profiles with 10 or less posts)
    * User has not posted in last: 30 days
    * User bio contains words: store,ship,worldwide,sale,boutique

    Do you have ideas to contribute? Let me know and I will try it out.