Ultimate Facebook & Networking Guide To Gain Traffic.

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    Hi this is my first thread on here wanted to give a good guide on how to gain unlimited traffic through Facebook, the thread below is a small insight into gaining friends but i will go into more detail.


    Gaining Friends:

    - This is really simple and the thread above is what you should be doing use keywords like.


    - You get the point, join 100+ of these then post something like "add/follow me xxxx" with a picture.

    - The next step is to join all the suggested groups inside the groups you have already joined.

    - Do this until you reach 1000+ yes it's possible.

    - Gain 4700 friends DON'T go over this if you do and your fanpages + friends = 5000+ your add me button will go, if you have requests waiting people will click "add friend" but they will follow you instead, this is really great a group of posts 1000+ will get you 1000+ followers easily.

    - Make a new account join all the same groups BUT, only accept new friends who aren't mutual friends with your other account this is crucial, trust me.


    You should have a couple of accounts and when you get the desired amount of followers the next step is about to start.

    Gaining Other Social Friends/Followers:

    This is the twist, when you join groups if they are for following on twitter or other sites put these in separate text files, we are going to use these.
    The same as before we are going to find new groups for certain sites with keywords like these.

    "Twitter followers"

    Do exactly the same as you did before except "Follow Me On Twitter xxxx" with a pic and your Twitter URL.

    Do this for as many sites as you want Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and so on, make all the accounts on the other sites the same as your Facebook.

    You will get a great response but it will take some time and a lot of commenting.

    You should now have a group of accounts like this:
    - Facebook x10 = 47,000 different friends 100,000+ Followers.
    - Twitter x 10 = 30,000 Followers
    -Other accounts the same as Twiiter.

    Making Groups:

    We are going to make groups and send requests to all of our friends like this:

    - Ultimate Friends Game - Add/Follow/Share/Request

    Make the title with the most amount of keywords possible.

    What you do with the groups is use the "pinned post" feature to gain.

    -YouTube views.

    -PPD/CPA conversions.

    -Advertise fanpages.

    -Sell the pinned posts .

    -Sell groups themselves.


    Make as many unique groups I would try to make 100+ don't be stupid and send all of the requests in a day.

    Think of the possibilities of 100+ groups with 10,000 followers $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Youtube Channel

    This is a great way to make a viral channel.

    - Make the channel and Facebook page, Twitter page ECT.

    - Buy fake fans, followers ECT to make the page look popular.

    - Send requests to all of your friends.

    - Post video ( do this as soon as you have sent all of the requests)

    - Use YLH/AMF/buy fake shares and likes to boost the look of the page, twitter, tumblr ,instagram accounts.

    - Use your groups and "pin" your latest videos.

    - Share all of your posts to your timeline.

    - Retweet your video.

    - Repin your video.

    - Use any other sites you can think of that you have real followers ECT

    - Buy and manually bookmark your video.

    - Buy scrapebox or other softeware to blast backlinks to your video.


    Make good videos and you will see real views,subs,likes,Followers rolling in.

    You can also obviously make Facebook pages on certain topics but this is the same as groups just find a group of pictures and videos about you fanpages niche and just post them, 3 times a day sell posts or sell the page.

    You can add your own traffic ideas and twist this and the possibilities are endless.

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    any pdf to this? the link dead...can anyone repost??
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