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Ul Div Tab menu product guide help

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by apeek22, May 12, 2011.

  1. apeek22

    apeek22 Registered Member

    Nov 11, 2010
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    Hey All.

    I need help (I think I am just having a brain fart....)

    I am working on an ecommerce website and will have tons of main categories and sub categories. At the top of the categories I want to have ~ 750-1000words of text for SEO purposes but to also help customers. I want to have ~4 product guides to assist customers as well as provide seo content besides product name and price etc.

    So I want to have a horizontal menu (UL) and below there we would be a div to hold the text. I want the user to load the category page and have them either mouseover/hover a menu tab and it display the text or click and it display the text or the next guide.

    Make sense?

    What would the best way to do this? SEO and coding wise, I am unknowledgable on how Google treats "hidden" text...