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Well after a long wait its nearly upon us

McGreggor is saying it's not going past the first round, I'm not so sure.

But I think Conor will edge it, it will be one hell of a fight for sure and I've been looking forward to this for so long.

Who gives a fuck about the rest of the people fighting, lets me honest there is only 1 true fight tonight.
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My head is telling me Aldo, cos he's an absolute machine .. But it's hard to dislike McGregor, and he's definitely proven himself.

If McGregor can stay away from Aldos leg kicks, i reckon he's got a good chance of taking it. Hes got a powerful left

Cant wait!
Can't wait for the fight.
Even though I am from Croatia and fight is at 4AM in here I will wake up in 3AM just to watch the god damn fight and also I am going to work the next morning xD
Looking forward to the Wideman/Rockhold fight too, I like Rockhold :)
fight completely depends on which Aldo shows up.
He's looked sluggish before. If he shows up as the BEAST he has shown...he beats the crap out of Mcgarbage
Been waiting on this for sooo long. It'll be no walk in the park and an all out war but hoping the big man wins.

Come on the fighting Irish!! Bring it home McGregor :boxing:

Staying up all night to watch this one, you can't not like McGregor hes pure entertainment but aldo is a beast!

Ps. hopefully wideman vs rockhold is a good one
Aldo 2nd Rd BY Ko... Irish fans rush to the cage and the first "Battle Royal" takes place.
Now that was a fight! I had Rockhold in my bet along with Romero, Gunnar and McGregor. Pity about Gunnar, Conner winning next though will ease the sting :D

HOLY SHIT. That ended fast.

I dont even watch UFC but man that has to be rematched like tomorrow.

All that hype built up and it ended in 14 seconds with 1 punch...
Yeooooo you'll never beat the Irish! EASY!!!!
Damn! I did not think it would be over so quickly.

The difference between their posture was pretty big too. Aldo with his head down until it started.
Vegas will be a great place be tonight. The Irish will throw one hell of a party.. some of the videos from the fans in the build up have been epic.
Dude it rocks after a UFC event normally, it should be extra bat shit crazy. New York New York has a irish bar and must be going crazy and downtown Fremont can get extra loopy. What a fight.
Well.. that escalated quickly. A lot of people complain when McGregor gets all "cocky" but frankly speaking, he's been backing up all his claims till date. That fight may have lasted a few seconds, but was worth the wait in my opinion. Aldo doesn't deserve another shot.
Pair of cunts. I would beat the living fuck out of the pair of the with my Comodore 64 keyboard in five seconds.
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