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Ubot Programmer Social Media Information Downloads

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by dbands, May 16, 2015.

  1. dbands

    dbands Newbie

    Nov 1, 2014
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    I need a pricing indication, before we conclude business.

    I want an application that collects as much information as possible from individuals and companies as possible. Yes I know a spider world be best, but I want a compiled application.

    Here is the current functions It must perform. It will grow per social site)

    Create Project

    It must create projects, similar to the notion of SENuke.
    It must remember the last action it was busy with if it happens to crash due to am memory constraint or a power failure
    The application must number the individual with a specific unique number, that this project from here on will be referred to as a case.

    It must create a linked in profile

    Profile documentation will be provided in the (application on various screens)
    There will be provided an email address, with login options {Spin Text}
    There will be provided a profile name and surname
    There will be provided company profile
    There will be provided a profile picture
    There will be provided a job profile
    There will be provided a list of companies I follow
    There will be provided contacts details
    There will be a country provided.
    A single email address will be provided

    The application must follow a specific schedule in creating the account

    It must use the above information to create an LinkedIn Account.
    The application must accept and validate the returning emails.
    The profile will be automatically provided with a profile picture (Part of batch file).
    The profile will be automatically provided with a job profile (Part of Batch File).
    The profile will skip the linking to other profiles (The specific screen will have a setting I can set for a aging/maturing period).
    The photo that will be placed in the directory will be published against the specific account
    The project will present the user with the option to select the number of days for the profile to age, from 1 through to 27, with 7 being the default).
    Once the profile had aged the set time the rest of the processes for linking contacts to the project starts automatically. The linking of contacts screen must be presented with a time delay as well, that can be changed by the customer. The options for the time delay is a specific date and time, days, 1 through to 27, but with 7 as the default setting. Random scatter over a period no more than the period specified nor less.

    The list of profile contact details will be worked through as per the scheduled time delay. To invite the person to the newly created person as a contact. Each of these contact will exist and have a LinkedIn history. Then a waiting period of 3 days ensues to allow for the contacts to approve or to decline. The provided listing would be about 6000 or more. I suspect a listing where the invites approve per each of these contacts to be in the range of 700 successful links or less.

    Which is good enough to provide the profile to start looking normal.

    We have a Profile that looks good to go in the next few days.

    This profile will work on an random timing period, login in and login out of the account.
    We will select in the, sometimes just going to random groups, going into their own profile and changing the picture to a new one.

    Another folder will exist on the system, this folder will contain the details of a person. If we do a search of one person and found multiple people with the same name and surname the application must work through each member in the following manner, work through each person individually, with the following information in a text (CSV File Tab delimited) file:
    Photo URL
    Full names as is displayed in his linked in profile
    Volunteering Experience
    Volunteering Opportunities
    Contact Info -
    - email
    - im
    - phone
    - address
    - twitter
    - websites
    - websites (blog)
    - websites (blog)

    Time Frame
    If there are any references, we write the details of the reference against the reference in th reference and contact file to tater in this request.

    Skills (I do not want the endorsements, maybe in the next version)
    A listing of all the core skills the individual has.

    I need a listing of the education
    per line in table format.

    I need all the information above for each contact that the contact is linked to. Each contact will be referred to as a Tier 2.

    Companies Following
    A list of companies the individual follows

    The application must have three type of output;
    Separate text files with key case files, with a key column to refer back to the case. It is assumed that the separation of files will be in the same format as the first portion. This will give us the opportunity to upload the text files to an sql database and the case number as common reference number.

    The second tier contacts must have a different reference number, but the files structure must have a field containing the Tier 1 reference number duplicated in the Tier 1 file to cross reference back to the case.

    The work is simple enough and please keep in mind that we will be doing this for Linked in as a first instance the next instance is twitter and then big daddy Facebook.

    What we will then have is quite a few loose text fields, then the next phase starts which is to use some fancy footwork to link the Facebook record to that of the twitter account and Instagram, but that would be phase 3 / 4.

    So please be reasonable in pricing and do not force me to procure urobot and do the effort myself, as I have the complete plan drafted. Please also note that I want the application done in urobot and will also want all source code and will compile it myself prior to testing the functionality in Urobot 5.05.

    Kind Regards
    Deon Bands
  2. jonwatson

    jonwatson Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Dec 17, 2012
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    i am interested
  3. botrockets

    botrockets Regular Member

    Mar 16, 2013
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    talk to me on skype: botrockets
    I have created LinkedIn Bot recently
  4. Kabuly

    Kabuly Newbie

    May 18, 2015
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    Hey bro!
    i saw a person comment on my facebook posts in second
    and i ask him
    he told me that he uses bot

    and say that he create that using a php script with cronjobs
    can you create something like that
    i saw his video but cant know anything
    first he loggin to his cpanel and then go to file manager
    and use his access token in the acript
    then uploade the script
    and command the cronjobs and finish
    now even if he dosent have internet
    hers account post comment on every new post
    can you create something like that ????
  5. Repulsor

    Repulsor Power Member

    Jun 11, 2013
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    PHP Scripting ;)
    I can do that. Thats cron job + using a long lived access token. Recently made a facebook group poster which put up a comment in every posts of the group automatically. (Used databases to keep track of posts already commented, and for queuing.)