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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Provo, Sep 11, 2012.

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    It is possible to get 5000 Likes with u2bviews? I colleced 32000 Credits, but when I try to add a video, I can only choose the amount of views, not the amount of likes. There is only the field to activate likes. How can I get the maximum amount of likes with 32.000 credits?

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    I would say no

    The way it works if you have the likes box checked, you'll get likes for as long as your video is in rotation. So if you request 250 views, you'll keep getting likes until you hit 250 views. That may be 30 likes, that may be 40 likes, there really isn't any set amount. If all the users online have already liked your video then you're really not going to get any likes.

    That being said I wouldn't put large amounts of credits on a video at once. If you put all your credits in your video at once it will probably sit there forever and not get anywhere near what you need, and those credits are non refundable.

    I think U2B is great for some initial view/like/comment/favs , but not for serious numbers, there just isn't a large enough user base.
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