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Twtdominator Journey with Twitter

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by guccilemonade123, May 16, 2016.

  1. guccilemonade123

    guccilemonade123 Junior Member

    May 7, 2016
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    Currently I am working with 4 twitter accounts with ~6k followers across them. I will be using the Twtdominator tool to increase my twitter following and and to increase traffic to my blog sites.

    I want to follow users in my specific niche everyday by using the tool to follow users by keyword.

    I will maintain interesting and relevant tweets throughout my twitters by using the tweet scheduling feature and I will have tweets posting throughout the day.

    I hope to be active in messaging my followers as well as engaging them with my tweets which will hopefully direct the traffic to my website where I will be working with (niche related) advertising/affiliates and selling my own products.

    I want to be engaged with my followers and will be utilizing the campaigns feature of Twtdominator to retweet and reply to their tweets.

    I will also be releasing my first youtube video soon (which is part of my blog) and plan to promote it through twitter as well.

    My short-term goal is to gain 10k followers on a single account and then eventually on all 4 of my accounts.
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  2. dashndash

    dashndash Regular Member

    Jan 18, 2008
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    Depends on the proxy
    So where are you with your project?