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Mar 11, 2010
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Since twitter went and changed things last week I cant get any of my autoblogs to post to twitter. I'm using Blogsense to scrape content but using plugins to post to twitter.

Does anyone have a working plugin that works with blogsense.
wp to tweet. But It require OAuth class. Hard to use. I had to code a plugin that submit direct via web, easy than use API
I am looking for something different too. Tried setting up wp to tweet. Seems to be a huge pain for a lot of blogs.
Look for "twitter tools plugin" they tell you how to get "OAuth" keys to keep posting on their site.

All these changes on twitter were a pain in the ass for me.
I use twitter tools and it still doesn't seem to be working with me...I've updated in and fill out the new OAuth stuff and it doesn't want to post. :(
tweet this apparently works but I have had a few issues with some blogs. Its a bit hit and miss as twitter sometimes says the token keys aren't correct.
I use shorten2ping and it seems to be still posting correctly after the changes, (can also hook it up to a pingfm account for all sorts of autoposting options.)
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