Twitter Tools Plugin Not Working?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by moleymartin23, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Hi, Im in the process of setting up an auto blog and im trying to use twitter tools but the set up seems to keep failing. Heres the instructions ive been given, which are a little vague tbh and it keeps failing everytime i attempt to save changes

    [B]Connect to Twitter[/B]
    In order to get started, we need to follow some steps to get this site registered with Twitter. This process is awkward and more complicated than it should be. We hope to have a better solution for this in a future release, but for now this system is what Twitter supports. If you have any trouble, please use the Support button above to contact WordPress HelpCenter and provide code 14303.
    1. Register this site as an application on Twitter's app registration page
    If you're not logged in, you can use your Twitter username and password
    Your Application's Name will be what shows up after "via" in your twitter stream
    Application Type should be set on Browser
    The Callback URL should be
    Default Access type should be set to Read & Write (this is NOT the default)
    Once you have registered your site as an application, you will be provided with a consumer key and a comsumer secret.
    2. Copy and paste your consumer key and consumer secret into the fields below
    Twitter Consumer Key  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Twitter Consumer Secret xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    3. Copy and paste your Access Token and Access Token Secret into the fields below
    On the right hand side of your application page, click on 'My Access Token'.
    Access Token xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Access Token Secret xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    anyone have any ideas or alternatives. greatly apprectiated, thanks
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    I suppose you inserted the plugin code manually... if so, have you checked the widgets available either in WP or BS?
    Have you checked for errors in the code already? Using firebug may save you a lot of time.