Twitter Strategy: Followers?

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by jumbo1, Aug 6, 2017.

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    Hi All,

    I have a sort of a technical question to ask, would appreciate it if a Twitter expert can help me answer it...

    So I have a Twitter account, I only follow people I like to hear from, brands or public figures, etc...

    On the other hand, I also tweet a lot and many people add me... However I do NOT add them back (as most people who are looking to grow they follower base do), because I figured out a lot of them are just "spammers" or bots, just looking for people who will follow them back... They have no interest in what I tweet about (stuff related to my work), and I have no interest in hearing from them either...

    Not adding them back results in them unfollowing me after a while... So over time, my follower base increases and them decreases constantly, resulting in almost no net increase...

    Now what if I did decide to follow them back?
    Would this affect the impression of my tweet negatively?

    Meaning, most of those people I will follow back won't engage with my tweets, which means that Twitter won't help my tweets get more impressions (although I'm always using relevant hashtags)...

    Am I correct with this assumption?
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    Well if you don't tweet that many and focus on quality over quantity you will get followers that are engaged with your content, imo more than 12 tws/day is spammy.