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    Hey Guys !
    Generally, most of us using some tools or a desktop application for twitter, but those still on Twitter interface Twitter.Com browsers can use these shortcuts useful Twitter.
    Some shortcuts work only a few pages, but I notice that if any.

    * N - announces a new status update (works from any page)
    * R - response to a selected tweet
    * T - answer (only works on Twitter profile other than your own)
    * M - direct message (but it is not automatically fill in the recipient)
    * / - To move the cursor to the search field
    *. - Back to the top and feed updates
    * G, then h - go to your homepage (
    * G, then r - see your @ mentions
    * G, then m - see your direct messages
    * G, then p - go to your profile page ( / username)
    * G and then you - go to a specific user profile, the page (a dialog)
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