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    Mar 2, 2011
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    I am working on a script to get many followers across several hundreds of accounts. What is the best way to find recently active users from US? I tried API's search function, it has many different parameters. So far the best method I came up with is to search using some common words in a query parameter, such as "I" or "a" or "the" and change max_id parameter to go down the list of recently updated statuses. But obviously it is missing many status updates that don't contain these words. I was able to collect a list of 2.5 million screen names by this method over the period of 2 days. Other method I tried is by using geo code (that way query parameter is not required). However less than 5% of account has geo tagging enabled , so it doesn't work either.
    I'd be interested in sharing experience with fellow developers as well.