Twitter new accounts get more engagement?


Feb 24, 2024
I have and old twitter account that i have used just resently to start posting like 1 month ago but i dont get much views i average like 100 without spaming in other accounts, should i use a new account or its the same thing?
Utilizing engaging media content such as GIFs, videos, and memes will help to improve your organic Twitter engagement immediately. One easy way to generate ideas and create great video content is to monitor what's popular across top accounts on Twitter or keep an eye on what's trending.
Imo, shadowbanned. You can check on website just google 'Twitter Shadowban Test' or check if your comments are in show more replies. When checking the comment make sure accounts are not following each other.
Do you use hashtags in your posts? Try searching for the keyword/hashtag in your tweet using another account and see if your post appears
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