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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by MutatedBHer, Feb 13, 2012.

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    I see loads of journey posts popping up everyday and I'd like to start my own, I just want a little push forward with my method.

    I've made 2 accounts, sexy looking girls on profile image+sexyname

    I'm going to get people to follow back by following them (anyone know what percentage follow-back?) I'm following around 50 people a day on each account and making more accounts too, I'm having trouble doing do but I know I need to use proxies (not used them before)

    I'm trying to find young males to follow me so what I do is not just add 'randomers' but go onto things like 'Call of Duty' twitter or 'Daily Sexy Photos' twitter then adding people already following that. I'm not sure how to monetize it yet though any ideas?

    I'd really like to make it work ever if its only a couple of dollars a day, adding 50 people takes less than 2 minutes so any profit would be great. I was thinking I could content-lock pics/videos or use ImageTwist but they only pay $2.50 per 1k views, what else would work?

    Another thing I'd like to do is get other types of people following me, I know if you have a sexy image and name 18-25 year old males are likely to follow you back, but say I wanted to target 13-19 year old girl or 30-50 year old mothers how would I go about it?

    Any help would be great!
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    If you want to target women traffic then pinterest is best bet for you
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    After reading your post you have the beginnings of something. I would suggest you get a domain and send your traffic directly to this as you will have full control and be able to pick a niche within the 'Hot Girls' area to target. Then you can concentrate of converting the traffic with the use of popunders / ad's or even selling ad space if you have decent amounts of traffic flow.

    For the time being I would not use proxy's just create a few accounts and play around and see what kinds of traffic you can generate and then just estimate what this could be with additional accounts using proxy this will help you know if that route will be worth while as last thing you want to be doing is paying out for domain / hosting / proxy's and not be breaking even.

    In terms of targeting Girls to look at 'Hot Girls' images you might be hard pushed, only success I have had is using images of 'Fitness Girls' basically fitness inspiration where the girl is quite toned and basically the girl viewing wants to look like them ect, however monetizing this would be hard unless you are able to create some kind of guide on how to look like them.