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    Feb 22, 2012
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    So, first, my name is Michael and I've been following this site for a while for many things and neat ideas on how to gain followers and traffic, etc.
    This is my first time posting and I hope I'm in the correct section for this question.
    I've have about 50+ accounts, and one MAIN account.
    Is there a program or something that I could possibly make the '50+ accounts' retweet my MAIN accounts' tweets?
    Not my conversations with other people
    Ex. (At)Username hey wyd?

    but for:
    Ex. Today's weather sucks!

    I've been searching so much, and I can't find anything :/

    Also, I see that a lot of people who own parody and quote pages often RT each other and they all have like 100k+ followers who actively RT them.
    Is there a site that pairs you up with someone to get traffic? Like a train of some sort, because they follow like 200 people with 100k followers!

    Thanks in advance, I have school now. I'll check back soon as I can.