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Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by demoncrest, Oct 18, 2010.

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    Just curious about this, the limit to follow each day for starters is 350 if I'm right? And it comes up with a message saying you can't follow anymore? Now is this 350 per 24 hours, or per actual day on their server for example could I gain 350 followers at 11:50pm and then wait 10 mins and do it again or would i have to wait another 24 hours?

    The other thing I am guessing is that if that "You cannot follow anymore people" message comes up, it must flag your account and put you under a little bit of suspicion no?

    Lastly, I know I heard about there is a ratio and at certain amounts of people following you, you can break hard-caps and follow more people / have more following you??? If someone could clarify that for me too that would be awesome!

    Thanks for the replies ahead of time, sorry to sound like a Twitter noob but I totally forgot about this, hopefully this will help some others new to twitter!
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    350 limit is the api requests limit per hour
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    You can follow 200 users per day. 2000 is a total limit, after it you'll be able to follow up to +10% of your current followers number.