Twitter + Content Locking Method [Blackhat + Newbie Friendly]

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    This guide is on behalf of my friend sportnom who was just referred to BHW by me and wanted to share this guide with everyone along with an affiliate link to a product -- until he realized that his account was too new to post links so he asked me to do it on his behalf. If this is in anyway against the rules or TOS of BHW, you may close this thread immediately as this was not my intention.

    This method can be completed manually or using an automated software -- but its highly recommended getting an automation software so you can scale it up. The method is also pure blackhat and revolves around exploiting people's natural physical desires (mostly males).


    1) Pick a few celebrities on Twitter with the most followers; these can be Hollywood or Bollywood celebrities. Try to stick to female celebrities and celebrities that are frequently in the news or eyes of the paparazzi for doing crazy stuff (mostly all the Disney teens). Some obvious examples include Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez etc and on the Bollywood side, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra etc.

    2) Buy a domain name (or use one you already own) in relation to Paparazzi stuff, e.g., which is obviously not available but its just an example. Get a good domain name to make the website look legit. Set it up with a nice WordPress theme (or HTML) so it doesn't look like a scam.

    3) Now, compile a list of bikini/revealing pictures of the celebrities you've picked which should not be hard at all -- look it up on Google or Google images and you'll find plenty.

    4) The next step requires some basic photo editing skills in Photoshop; you basically want to take those bikini pictures and blur out the bra/panties so as to make it seem its a nude photo of that celebrity. The better you are at photo editing, the more believable the pictures will look and the more money you will make.

    5) Upload the pictures to your blog with some attractive headlines, such as "Miley Cyrus new sex scandal shocks father" and if you want, you can even add "Pic inside" to your title to attract even more people. You can even use this method with just celebrity gossip headlines and you don't HAVE to create any nude photos at all. Write a fake/believable article on a headline you make up and put it up on your blog.

    6) Sign up to a content locking network (BlamAds, AdScendMedia, CPA Lead etc) and wait for approval. Alternatively, you can use a content locking script of your own to lock the content you create on your blog. Without a doubt (and I don't think anyone will disagree), Content Lock PRO v2 is the best at what it does: content locking. You can find the BST thread here on the forums, or if you found this post useful and wouldn't mind doing so, can purchase through my affiliate link:


    No, I'm not forcing you to purchase the script, but if you can't get approved by a content locking network, locking your own affiliate offers may be the best option; so go with whatever option you prefer. Alternatively, you can choose not to even lock the content and just make money from ads -- but I don't recommend using AdSense on such a website as you'll most likely get banned immediately. If you're locking your own content, please make sure to only use offers allowing incentive traffic; just because the offer is blackhat does not mean I condone sending false/garbage leads to networks.

    7) This is where you start marketing your website. Go on Twitter, navigate to the celebrity's official Twitter page and go to the list of people following them. I'm pretty sure you guessed what comes next; you use @reply to mention these people in your tweets with the link to your gossip/picture page and you will get massive traffic to your pages. This is not saying that everyone will complete the survey to unlock the content, but a LOT of the people unaware of such things will definitely do so to either unlock the a) picture or 2) gossip you've posted.

    8) Scale it up by either using a software (read more below) or spend more time replying to these people manually. Keep in mind that even submitting tweets manually of such content, your accounts may get suspended -- especially depending on the proxy you use to register the accounts.


    The best Twitter software ever created as we all know was Tweet Attacks (R.I.P) but there is now an alternative to this floating around if you've heard of it called Tweet Demon and I've personally tested the software myself and can vouch for its functionality. Using Tweet Demon, you can scale up your efforts greatly and increase your profits. Here's a breakdown of what you can accomplish with Tweet Demon.

    1) Automatically create accounts using proxies (as many as you want), auto verify all emails, and update profile information all from within the software. This comes in really handy because if your accounts get suspended, you can just create new ones and continue the process; however, if you follow certain guidelines for creating quality accounts, you can keep all your accounts for a very long time. They are quite simple guidelines:

    • Create complete profiles using unique proxies (private proxies highly recommended). You can use public proxies as well but they die out pretty fast and you'll have to keep accessing your accounts with new proxies which will get them red flagged and suspended; however, it is definitely possible to use public proxies to create accounts.
    • Do not market any affiliate links on your accounts for 2-3 days. Instead, populate them with regular tweets and followers for a few days -- this can be completely automated using Tweet Demon (you don't even have to write your own tweets).
    • Re-tweet other's content to engage other users and make your account look real -- also 100% automated using Tweet Demon.

    Those are just a few tips you can use to ensure that you maintain long standing accounts with Twitter (that you can even use to provide services on Fiverr if you'd like).

    2) Using the @reply/@mention generator included in Tweet Demon, you can automatically scrape all followers of any celebrity (say Miley Cyrus) and even see their latest tweet; plus you can set up certain filters to prevent scraping fake accounts (including excluding followers with links in their latest tweet which always removes spam accounts). You can then write up customized replies including the link to your article/pic for the celebrity (and tick off generate unique links), send to Tweet Manager and start sending out your tweets immediately from multiple accounts! The best part is: it support spintax.

    3) Your @replies will be sent out automatically to all followers of that celebrity, who will be intrigued by your message (granted you write intriguing, engaging and REALISTIC looking replies) and visit your URL; they will see the blurred out pic in the background and the content locker in the foreground.

    If you've found this helpful and are interested in purchasing Tweet Demon, it would be appreciated if you could do so using my affiliate link:



    • Make your website look as legit as possible; the better (and realistic) it looks, the more chances that visitors will actually do the survey. Remember, even with a content locker, people can see content in the background, so if you create realistic pics with Photoshop, you can actually get a lot of people to complete the survey to unlock the content.
    • Make sure you use a content locking network that has good and simple surveys -- you don't want people going through 10 page surveys to unlock some content. That's why using your own content locker with email/zip submits will yield high results.
    • USE VIDEOS instead; alternative to pictures, you can use videos uploaded to YouTube accounts of your own, embedded on your page to get even more conversions. Make sure to make the video title completely different from your post title to prevent people from looking up the video on YouTube themselves. OR you can even upload the video to your own website and use a video player to output it on your website so its exclusive to YOU.
    • When you start making profit, scale up -- create more accounts, target more celebrities and even create more websites if you want; just make that money!

    That's about all there is to it. If you have any questions/suggestions, please post in this thread, I'm sure sportnom will be monitoring the thread and be glad to help you out.
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    Wow, that is a good method. Thanked :)
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    Hey thanks for posting this on my behalf, I owe you one! Haven't made any affiliate sales yet :p but just glad to be contributing to the community. if anyone has any questions or need some clarification, you can PM me or direct.
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    Interesting post. Thanks.
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    I will use this soon, thanks for the share.
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    Sorry to wake up this thread from death but anyone tested it or does something similar?