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Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by rossell123, Sep 7, 2012.

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    I was just wondering if this is what people do or whether the method would work well ?

    1 - set up large number of twitter accounts say 5,000 (twitter account creation software)

    2 - Run accounts on sublime twitter or something similar to automate tweets and following etc

    3 - add affiliate link to profile linking to clickbank products

    4 - Make sales collect money

    Is this the general Idea or am I well off the mark with this?
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    Your affilaite links will be marked as malware by Twitter sooner than you can say malware if your end URL is the same for all the 5000 accounts
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    True enough. OP has to use different versions of that link for his profile.

    OP, you need to have a solid plan. You can easily get lost if you try everything at once. If you want to build a list then the follow and unfollow method seems to work best for me. Spread follows over those 5,000 accounts.

    I don't have much success in promoting clickbank products though so I can' t comment there. What worked with your plan (different accounts, profile has an affiliate link) in my own experience is in the dating niche. Admittedly, I have my own slight variation of this method that I will not share because it would just be used to death and render it worthless for me.

    Anyway, the gist is to get a pretty and sexy photo in the profile picture and people would love to follow you back. Then post random tweets & other tweets asking them to visit your website and the link is in your profile. This way, you do not trigger Twitter's spam filter in tweeting because you are not using any link.

    If promoting dating niche offers, try to find the ones that has a recurring income for you. That way, you build on top of your own success and have the possibility of scaling up your monthly income by adding more accounts and following/unfollowing more people.

    To practice with, you might want to consider getting Twitter Lead Builder (Free) which automatically builds followers for your accounts.
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    for the affiliate links problem you can use mass Link Shortner bots :)
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    Not a good method friends.... I'm thinking about that..... please create landing page on your website , put a banner with affiliate link or simply redirect your visitor to your affiliate ID